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Hoping to re start soon my monthly Recipe BookClubs very soon which are held in a small cafe venue in Coventry.
Capacity of 20 selling out on a monthly basis.

With a bookcase full of inspiring varied Cookbooks I wanted to share my library and stimulate others into dusting off their collections and putting them to good use.

TV didn’t kill the radio, and I felt online recipes have not rendered cookbooks obsolete.

The choice of cookbooks featured came down to seasons, trends, new releases and firm classics.
Taking five to six recipes from each book the customer would have a tasting plate working through starters, veggie, mains and desserts.

My aim –  Explain the making of the dish, The ease / difficulty, Where to source ingredients and  Feedback.

To me a cookbook isn’t just a collection of recipes its about how the recipes work.
Cooking a specific recipe allows you to gain confidence, modify to your palate if necessary and create your own recipes.

Many people buy cookbooks without ever cooking a specific recipe.
Why? – Grab them off the shelf and get cooking!

Francis Lam, an American food journalist, cookbook editor, and since 2017 the host of American Public Media’s The Splendid Table,
says “A modern way to think of cookbooks is to think of them as a book. A book you’ll want to read; a book that has a story; a book that might evoke emotion in you; or that might provoke you; or that might challenge you; or that might ask you 

questions about society and culture; and cause you to question some things that you didn’t think about before.”

In total agreement and running my recipe BookClub for over a year has given not only me joy and good food but my attendees also.

If you would like to be added on to my mailing list to be advised of upcoming dates just drop me an email – In the meantime, here are some of my previous featured Cookbook Menus.